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PMO – Inputs & Outputs

Friends, In our first series we have talked about the functions of PMO and today we will talk about inputs and outputs of  PMO.

B) Inputs and Outputs to PMO

Every PMO member produces and receives information in various context, content and forms in interaction with the project management stakeholders. Some of the common inputs and outputs are outlined below:


  1. Project Status reports
  2. Project schedules
  3. Issues reports
  4. Risk reports
  5. Timesheet data
  6. PMO help desk calls (incoming)
  7. Troubled projects
  8. Training
  9. Strategic objectives for fiscal year
  10. List of Business assets


  1. Project Portfolio (e.g. PO calls trade summary report)
  2. Resource portfolio (e.g. Headcount report)
  3. Asset Portfolio
  4. Strategic objectives portfolio
  5. Integrated portfolio
  6. Operations planning and forecasting report(Monthly)
  7. Training
  8. Resource Assignments report
  9. Prioritization worksheet

Developing and reporting and data collection and using it to provide meaningful information to all stakeholders raises the value proposition of your PMO to its customers.

Next we will talk about why does PMO implementation fails.


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