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Web Engineering


First we need to understand the difference between Software Engineering (SWE) and Web Engineering (WEBE).

Although both of them follows the disciplined approach to develop, deploy and maintained the applications; the basic difference is that the requirements (Scope) of web projects is different from the software projects. Software projects have the various models like Waterfall, Spiral, Incremental, etc., but there is no defined models for Web Applications project, as the requirements are dynamic (not fixed).  For simplicity we can define model for web projects as PDCA model. (P)lan, (D)o, (C)heck and (A)ct. In the planning stage, you ‘Plan’ as what are the requirements, concept, planning, costing, timeline and get the approval from the customer before starting the project. Next comes the ‘Do’ – which is defined as “How the concept has to be designed and developed”. Here the prototype (models base on blueprint) has to be build and then get it reviewed from the customer. Based on his feedbacks, action has to be taken.

PDCA cycle is the base of all the models.

Secondly, WEBE is more complex then SWE, as former is dependent on the various types of browsers, OS, and servers like Web server, application servers.


WEB Apps is more complex then SW Apps, in the sense that to build such applications, you have to know at least HTML, Database, Server side scripting language, Java scripts and Photoshop for editing images.

Next we will talk about the characteristics and attributes of Web Apps.

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